Wednesday, August 24, 2011

75 Sketches 75 Days #6

Please tell me you at least recognize it


Molossus said...

I'll admit that I'm not sure-but only because there's a lack of context, and it's a shape that many things have. Abstractly (is that a word?), the balance is good, perspective is good, but no single detail is unique enough to absolutely identify it, and there is no clue in the surroundings.

It looks like it might be on a table, and could be a lamp or bowl. It could be jiffy pop popcorn on a heating element.

It could also be a tomato or persimmon. Even one more detail would probably make identification certain.

Darkskye said...

I agree with Sandra. An apple was the first thing I thought of, followed by a tomato pin cushion.

Speck said...

Sorry, but its true identity isn't speaking to me either. If I had to guess I'd guess a tomato on a Ball jar lid.

Derick said...

looks more like a hat to me