Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stillman & Birn Sketchbooks

A few weeks ago I received a package from Stillman & Birn containing five of their sketchbooks.  The sketchbooks are examples of Stilmman & Birn's five types and formats of sketchbook.

The options are as follows:

Alpha - 100 lb/150 GSM - Natural White - Vellum - Hardbound or Wirebound
Beta - 180 lb/270 GSM - Natural White - Rough - Wirebound
Gamma - 100 lb/150 GSM - Ivory - Vellum - Hardbound or Wirebound
Delta - 180 lb/270 GSM - Ivory - Rough - Hardbound or Wirebound
Episilon - 100 lb/150 GSM - Natural White - Plate - Hardbound or Wirebound

The Alpha and Gamma series are appropriate for dry media and light watercolor washes, Beta and Delta series are appropriate of multi-media and the Episilon series for pen and ink.  All the paper is archival-grade.

I chose to use the Delta sketchbook first, attracted to the rough, multimedia paper and the square 7 x 7 in. format.  The paper does buckle some with watercolor, but not too much, and after all it is not watercolor specific paper.

I am really please with these sketchbooks and I love this paper.  When I try out the vellum and plate papers I'll post about them also.

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