Monday, September 5, 2011

75 sketches 75 days #17 and #18

I've been feeling a little off this weekend.  #18 sums it up rather well.  Did not have the energy to sketch anything so I doodled. I'm trying to draw something every day so keep developing the feel for what I am trying to draw. Hope I feel better soon, don't like feeling this way: anxious, unhappy, worthless *SIGH*


Molossus said...

I've been feeling off and uncreative myself this past week. But it does end, it does end. You are doing much better with perspective--your chair is awesome, and I love your doodled lady.

So your depression is lying to you. It doesn't mean to. Treat it gently, don't listen to what it says, and it will go.

This is the end of my psychobabble announcement, lol!

Julie (O-kami) said...

Thanks, I know that it will pass. It's just making me tired and feel sick today.

It does look like a lady doesn't it? Didn't intend for it to look like anything in particular LOL

Speck said...

The chair is awesome. Whatever you were doing, whatever headspace you were in when you drew that; do that some more.

I thought the doodle was a lady too - elegant, refined, yet hollow and faceless. I thought it illustrated your feelings perfectly. Awesomesauce on that one too.