Saturday, September 3, 2011

Perspective is difficult

75 sketches 75 days #16

So I worked on my perspective today.  I have tried to draw this table before and really blew the perspective, just like today.

But I didn't give up and tried again.

#3 didn't get as far as #1 and #2, so I didn't even include it - but I think that I got much closer with #4.

What do you think?


Molossus said...

I don't think you are doing as badly as think you are, but I get the feeling you are trying to draw it like you were walking through a maze. It's easy to get off-track when you do it that way.

Would you like suggestions? If not, ignore the rest of this message, lol. I know sometimes tips are helpful and other times just annoying.

Have you tried working out the vanishing points before hand--figuring out where the lines would converge if they continued? Drawing the negative spaces instead of the lines? Drawing the overall outside outline and then working in?

Different things work for different people, but sometimes just trying to look at it differently is helpful.

Speck said...

Perspective *is* very, very hard. You are getting there. It takes lots of practice to be able to *see* it.

The other trick is to choose the easiest angle to draw. LOL! All the boxy things I draw have just about the same degree of tilt. I found my comfort level and stick to it.

You have attempted one of the more difficult perspectives with this tray table by the way. Eye level with a flat surface is a killer to draw and have it make sense.

Ester Durães said...

perspective is hard indeed! it takes quite sometime to understand it but, once you do, you'll see your drawings will look great :)
keep up with the good job!