Saturday, January 7, 2012

Book of Days

Well I'm sort of participating in a few things, but be warned my posting to this blog may be a little haphazard from now until the end of my busy season in April.

The things that I'm trying to participate in are Book of Days over at Wild Precious Life,  My One Word and the 2012 Sketchbook Challenge.  So I may combine some of this things for a while.  Of course, I'll always peek in to see what Tammy is doing over at Daisy Yellow and I'm taking Dion Dior's Twinking H2O's class later this month.  Oh, yeah and I plan to participate in the 34th Annual WorldWide SketchCrawl on January 21, but since there is no local group I hope to meet up with the south Florida group.  The venue is awesome - the Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park but it's 170 miles and almost 3 hours.  Wow, I'm tired just listing these, but of course, I'll only be able to do so much and will do as much as I can.

For my One Word for 2012 I chose - FOCUS- focus on my life and health, family, sanity and of course, work. For my Book of Days I did this spread which includes my One Word.

This page is in my Ecosytem Sketchbook, gesso, Dr. PhMartin acrylic ink, Sakura Gellyroll pens, acrylic paint.

I don't do much with collage or faces - I like color and putting words on the pages of my art journal is still something of a challenge - my goal is to do some kind of spread on a weekly basis (I just can't do daily) perhaps something that reflects the past week or my hopes for the next week.


Molossus said...

It's a beautiful spread! It's simple but there is so much texture and energy to delight the eye!

JoniB said...

LOVE it! I'm also glad that you have adapted the idea to fit you. Keep posting the pages. It's cool to see what you do. (Mine is incredibly dull - I'm too scared to just sploot paint on and go. LOL!

Trece said...

Congrats on winning the free seat in 21 Secrets!! Now, can you help me put the button on MY blog?? I can link, but I cannot make the button's image appear!

phonelady said...

Hi there Julie how are ya sweetie ? Im getting better every day one day at a time . I think it will most likely take me 2-3 months to get well . I hope not but expect the worst and hope for the best .