Friday, December 16, 2011

My first original(?) Tangle Pattern

When I first began learning to do Zentangle® I would explore the web, Flickr especially, looking at other peoples designs and trying to find the tangle patterns that I really liked. I also looked for images that contained patterns that I thought might be good tangle and saved them to my hard-drive. Later, I printed many of them, two to an 8-1/2" x 11" page and created two Circa notebooks.  One filled with named patterns and the other filled with images.

Above is one of the images that I found, which really has a ton of designs incorporated into it that would be lovely tangle patterns. (Unfortunately, I did not make a note of the source of this image, so if anyone recognizes it, please tell me so that I may credit it.)

One piece that I began playing with is the "leaf" design around the outer edge.

But I really just never did anything "official" with it in the tangle world.  Then last week I was playing with my new Sakura Gel pens and posted this.

I received a number of comments on this and was asked if I had introduced this "tangle". Well, let's see if I can.

Lastly, let me give credit where credit is due - although I came up with the name Leavz - the name Flamez was suggested by LaceFairy1, so I take no credit.  I also hope that neither of these names has been previously used - I did not find either on  If either design is too similar to something already done, please let me know.


Sandra Strait said...

I don't have either Flamez or Leavez in my list of tangle patterns, and I've got 1839 tangles listed!

I've had trouble updating the list on my blog, so it isn't absolutely current, but I do have many of them listed. and

Anonymous said...

It is amazing what one can come up with haphazardly. Great job. Thank you for sharing this.

Bellatrix said...

love it! TFS

Trece said...

OMG my friend!! You do such amazing and beautiful work!! I am blown away, seriously!! Wow.