Saturday, October 27, 2012

2012 Inspiration Deck Swap

Jessica Brogran, over at In Search of Dessert, is sponsoring again this year, an Inspiration Deck Swap - you can read about the swap earlier this year here.

I decided late, last night as a matter of fact, to participate in the swap.  So I stayed up a little late and gessoed my cards.  This morning I gessoed the backside before I went with my mom to help her feed and turn out a friend of hers horses.

This morning, using soft gel (gloss) I attached my cards to tissue paper.  A few are on dark purple tissue, a larger group on lilac paper and and even larger group on black.

I then mixed clear tar gel with some Black Ice Silks Acrylic Glaze and drizzled it over the black tissue covered cards.

For the cards on the lilac tissue, I used Dr. Ph Martins India ink, red violet and aqua.  I drizzled the inks then lifted the cards so that the ink would run across the cards, then I used a spouncer to spread the ink more.

While the cards were drying I picked all my inspirational quotes and put them into a word document and printed them out.

Jessica suggests putting contact information on the back side of the card, I thought about how to do this and decided to put my information into a QRCode which I could print and attach to the cards.  I printed them .5" by .5" and will glue them to the back side of the card, along with my kanji.

I hope to have the deck completed and mailed to Jessica by next weekend. Woot!!