Sunday, August 12, 2012

Atmospheric Watercolours

Jean Haines, is without a doubt, my favorite watercolourist. Her loose flowing style is a joy to behold and a challenge to emulate.

The old canal bridge

blue and white

The Venetian door
She has two wonderful books available Colour & Light (How to Paint) and Atmospheric Watercolours: Painting with Freedom, Expression and Style. She also has two great instructional DVDs,  Watercolour Passion and Amazing Ways with Watercolour.

I am currently reading Atmospheric Watercolours and these are the results of my first exercises from her book.  I think I have a lot more practicing to do, but that's ok, attempting to learn her style is fun and very actually very relaxing.

If you are drawn to coloring outside the lines, then Jean's style should appeal to you.  Be sure to follow her blog also, Watercolours with Life.

It is my dream to one day be able to attend one of her workshops, but they fill up really fast and her US classes are few.  Perhaps, one day...