Thursday, August 7, 2014

Art on the Road

So, I am attending a State and Local Taxation Conference in Washington DC at Georgetown Law. This conference coincides with the DC Supershow which I will be attending on Saturday. Sunday is reserved for sightseeing, at the least I want to get to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, to honor my Dad who was killed there 47 years ago.  It has been almost 20 years since my last visit to The Wall.

Anyway, today's conference speakers provided a lot of models for sketching.


ginigin said...

Great sketches, you capture a good bit of personality! Siure wish i was there at the pen show, hopefully next year. Have fun and buy lots of pens and inks.

phonelady said...

hi ya Julie im going to the Columbus ohio pen show in November in Columbus and I am going to be so stoked so anyways guess what I got my hands on ? a waterman phileas blue swirl and it is an awesome pen wow and I have also aqquired a few jinhaos too . I love levenger inks too I have shiraz and it is great !!! so what have you been up to the pen world besides the shows . wow you and I have something in common ,we lost our uncle bill in Vietnam and his name is on the wall as well . sad really is it not ? well now let me go or I could talk all day great post